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Peter Rahe Music Production
Dolby Atmos enabled music studio

Enabled Music Studio

…planning, recording, mixing, mastering…

Our 6-Phase Model

Hey cool that you are here,
we are a recording- and mixing studio in Berlin and we are specialized in productions
in the field of alternative and indie pop.
Here we briefly introduce you to our model – from planning to the final release.

For a personal conversation write us a short message.

1. Planning

A successful music production requires careful planning and preparation.

We take our time and discuss together which vibe the production should have and which target group you want to address. How many songs do you want to work on? Are the songs perfectly selected? Have all rights been cleared? Etc. etc.

Next, we create a realistic schedule that will allow us to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time. We also need to clarify what recording technology and instruments we will use to achieve the perfect sound for your production. Do you need further external resources such as additional studio musicians (if desired from our network) or rental instruments?

2. Pre-Production / Songwriting Phase

While you rehearse the songs and possibly work on a pre-production, we are in regular contact by phone or video calls.
We give you feedback on the arrangements, instrumentation and tempos of the songs.

And sometimes it might just take a little ass kick or words of encouragement….

3. production / Recording

Different scenarios are possible for a modern album recording:

Many of our clients record parts or all of the album in the practice room, others distribute the recordings to different locations.Marie Poubelle Vocal Recordings Peter Rahe Music Production Berlin We always prefer to record together in the studio, where we achieve the required high quality through the selection and placement of the right mics and the coaching of the producer – and of course through the well thought-out room acoustics.
The central tool is our analogue vintage console with which the right “mojo” is already created during the recording.

In the session, the headphone sound makes the difference for us; only when you are 150% satisfied do we start recording.

4. Editing / FX / Re-Amping / final Arrangement

Comping is the power tool! During the recording, we “stack” the individual takes in so-called lanes, which can later be intercut with each other. We also do this with the drum tracks so that we can cut a “golden take” from all the recorded takes.

During editing, we remove all unnecessary parts of the recording, such as loud breaths during singing or noise on guitar tracks. Small errors in rhythm and pitch are corrected only moderately.

Often the song needs more interesting sounds, which can easily be created by re-amping (amplifying and re-recording again) and sound very organic. We often use our natural reverb chamber (the staircase) for this.
Finally, we work on the final arrangement if necessary, e.g. shortening, lengthening or even rearranging individual song parts.

5. Mixing

Our claim: Major label ready.
Compact, fat sounds with the necessary transparency, depth and dynamics – that’s how your songs stand out from the crowd.

We mix your tracks or the sessions produced here, analogue and digital “in the box” – in the computer – mostly with our proven hybrid workflow.

Together with you we develop an individual sound for each song and/or for the whole album. We usually coordinate the basic sound with you via our video platform:
You listen to an HD audio live stream (parallel to the voice channel) and are in your usual listening situation 1:1 in the mixing session.

Dolby Logo
in 2024 we opened our second mixing control room in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Here we have implemented a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos  system and offer immersive mixes in Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio formats. The system was planned and calibrated with the support of Dolby Germany.

6. Mastering

Mastering is the last step before release.
We guarantee you a fat and transparent sound on all platforms (streaming, CD, vinyl, etc.) and on all playback devices.
We work analogue and digital and bring your production to the highest sound level.

Sometimes it makes sense to outsource the mastering. For this purpose, we cooperate with popular mastering engineers from our network – or, of course, with the engineer of your choice.

You can book the whole package – or just parts of it.
Exactly what you need!

Did we manage to pique your interest?


  1. LiebesLied | Production, Programming, Mixing, Mastering | 2022/2023 Raimund Lampert – Indie Pop 4:30
  2. Analog Mann | Production, Programming, Mixing, Mastering | 2022/2023 Raimund Lampert – Indie Pop 4:49
  3. She’s Dead | Production, Mixing, Mastering | 2023 Psychotropix – Psychobilly 2:52
  4. Heart From a Killer | Production, Mixing, Mastering | 2022 Psychotropix – Psychobilly 3:36


I am a musician and bass player myself and have over 25 years of experience as a live, recording and mixing engineer.

I have been running my own studio here in Berlin since 2013. Since then I have recorded and mixed numerous albums.
I work according to my own hybrid analog-digital workflow, preferably with musicians from the rocky alternative, indie and groove genres….be it at the beginning of their music career or on the way to the next level.

Use my skills for your project!

Peter Rahe Music Producer

What people say

The Studios

We run a recording studio in Berlin-Schöneberg. The setup is designed for live recording with a maximum of 32 channels. The central tool is our analogue vintage console with which the right “mojo” is already created during the recording. Our Yamaha grand piano is ideal for pop and jazzy productions.

Our new mixing studio in Potsdam Babelsberg is ready!

In June (2024) the calibration by Dolby Germany will take place, from 7-2024 we will offer you mixes in Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio and other 3D audio formats.


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