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Info – About us


Peter Rahe was born in Mannheim and grew up in Frankfurt am Main.
Studied music and architecture, with a minor in technical acoustics. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 1986.

First as a live mixer on national and international tours, later as a sound engineer in the theatre and studio sector.

In 2001, he founded his own engineering office for room and electro-acoustics and worked for more than two decades as a specialist planner for numerous international projects in the field of sound reinforcement technology and room acoustics.

Since 2013, he has been running his own recording and mixing studio in Berlin.

In his work, Peter combines classical recording techniques of acoustic instruments with the advantages and aesthetics of modern music production.

Peter is a musician and bass player himself and works according to his own hybrid analogue-digital workflow, preferably with musicians from the rocky alternative, indie, pop and groove genres….be it at the beginning of their music career or on the way to the next level.


Our studio is set up as a classic recording studio with a control room and a large recording room. Besides our 32-channel analogue console (also serves as a heater :-)), the (second) most important piece of equipment is our espresso machine.

Our setup, especially the monitoring is optimised for band recording, we can record up to 32 channels simultaneously. We love the sound of our Yamaha grand piano and rely on RME interfaces and Cubase Pro as a digital basis. Our microphone cabinet is filled to the brim with many mics from the last 5 decades from all the major brands.

We often use our staircase as a natural reverb chamber for live recordings and for re-amping or as a “plug-in” when mixing.

If all this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk about your planned project.